5 Reasons Hiring is Hot in Hospitality

March 12, 2018
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March 12, 2018 bcalesff

The Hospitality Industry is among the fastest growing industries right now. Whether you are looking for a new position or looking to hire, there couldn’t be a better time. As a restaurant owner or operator, you know the growth of your business depends on having the right team in place. Here are 5 reasons to take advantage of this opportune time.

  1. Unemployment is at a 17 year low! This is great news for those looking to make a career change. Many feel 2018 will be the strongest year of growth since the recession. This means more jobs, along with new and exciting concepts to explore. As employers finish up Q1 targets, they are simultaneously building the pipeline for Q2. After settling into the New Year, many companies are solidifying their annual goals based on their first two months of sales.
  2. March and April are historically great months for hiring. Hiring budgets for the year have been set and approved and employers are on a mission to find the best talent to ensure they achieve their fiscal goals. Take this opportunity to assess your current situation, determine the direction of your next opportunity and hone your search.
  3. The facts don’t lie. Employment in the Leisure and Hospitality sectors continue to trend up. This January alone over 31,000 jobs were added. Positive news like this tends to reaffirm hiring plans and increase confidence towards continued growth. With unemployment rates low and new jobs being added to the industry, we’ve seen an increase in wages for specialized talent in this sector. This is welcome news since wages across the board in hospitality have been stagnant for the last few years.
  4. Investor confidence is up. This increase is an important factor to consider as Private Equity dollars can drive growth and expansion of brands. The strength of the stock market, tax reform, and business incentives have helped create a positive corporate outlook. With new investment dollars being infused into the hospitality industry, we can count on the leaders to continue with their expansion plans for 2018.
  5. Once committed to making a change, the spring season is an ideal time to “ put yourself out there”. Take the time to refresh your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and start leveraging your network. Employers agree that the best candidates come through referrals and via someone who really understands their brand. If you don’t have strong contacts with a company, working with a recruiter can ensure your background is being presented to the decision maker. Plus, the right recruiter will be your advocate and career coach as you navigate the process of finding your right next career step.


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