5 Winning Qualities for Career Growth

March 2, 2020
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March 2, 2020 bcalesff

Is 2020 the year you get promoted? Take on more responsibility and essentially feel like your career is moving in a forward direction?  That’s what many of our candidates are hoping for and since we spend our time finding out what motivates our clients to hire and promote we thought we’d share what they are looking for.


Effective leadership is a skill that some have naturally and others learn along the way of their career. Strong leaders influence those around them and motivate their team to achieve. The best leaders are excellent listeners and value the ideas and opinions of the team. They create an environment that their team feels comfortable sharing ideas, brainstorming and putting themselves out there. A good leader will have great ideas but more importantly, know when a great idea has been given by the team. The ability to identify and execute the best idea for the collective good of the project is a key element to a great leader.


Our clients tell us over and over again, their best employees know how to effectively work with everyone on the team. When working under pressure or solving a problem, leaders instinctively know how to move the group towards the finish line. Being able to work with a variety of co-workers, customers and vendors is a true gift and can sometimes require patience, maturity and always requires getting rid of the ego. Those that can look at the horizon towards and see the big strategic goal of their company will keep the team on track.


The hospitality industry requires working some long days. It’s not just the hours you put in it’s also being effective and getting the right things done. It’s also critical to operate with honesty and morality and be a representative of the company brand in everything you do. Leaders know who they can trust and who is looking out for the organizations best interest.

Ability to Learn/Adaptability

Everyone loves the idea person. They can be the igniting force of a great brainstorming session or change the direction of a project and make people look at things just a little bit differently. Embracing new ideas and being on-board with company changes is critical for continued growth. You don’t always need to be the one coming up with ideas, however, embracing them and influencing your circle to be positive will be noticed within the company.


If you are not the idea person then an even better title is the solution person. Being resourceful and taking initiative to find answers is a trait that our clients are always talking about. Many can identify a problem or give a great idea but figuring out to execute the idea is a commodity that true leaders have.