A Boutique Recruitment Agency Offering Consultative Services

Drawing from our team's unique experience to offer solutions to industry-specific challenges.

Recruiting and Consulting Services

We were first operators and understand what it takes to do the job. Taking the time to listen first we are dedicated to our clients. An obligation to understand the culture is the cornerstone in making the connection with a candidate. Our unique operational insight gives us the ability to know your desired fit and deliver only qualified candidates for each position. Our proprietary process ensures you will only see only the best candidates from Firefly.

Operational consulting from a staffing and culture perspective, new store opening, or operational improvement are services we also offer.

Talent Recruitment

Passive and active sourcing and identifying of top candidates by utilizing advanced marketing and networking platforms.

• Present written profiles of qualified and interested candidates
• Profiles will include overview of professional background, outline of career highlights, long term goals, and motivations for making a change
• Scheduling initial phone, web, or in person meeting
• Participation in interview process if appropriate
• Provide detailed candidate feedback upon completion of the interview
• Conduct reference interviews and background checks if required
• If requested, prepare written offer of employment detailing all agreed to terms between final candidate and the client company
• Facilitate/negotiate the employment offer to the final candidate
• Assist the selected candidate in resigning from their current company
• Ensure candidate is prepared in the event of counteroffer

Staffing & Culture

From pre-opening or re-igniting your current team we will help invigorate your current staff or help you get the people to take your business to the next level.

• Job Fairs, Applications, Interview Guides, Applicant Tracking, Human Resource documentation, and onboarding of new hires
• Ad placement and design, alternative sourcing of staffing, and guerilla recruitment
• Benchmark of culture assessment for future hiring and retention
• Manager training to company standard
• Staff Orientations and Training to Client standards and expectations
• All staff meetings, small groups, and food and beverage classrooms

New Store Openings

From operations consult and set up pre-construction to your Grand Opening Launch our team possess a vast tenure and experience to assist your new store opening from concept to opening day.

• General Contractor consult and interface- we can represent your interests in collaboration with all matters involving new construction.
• Punchlist, design and layout- BOH and FOH, Equipment Install, vendor sourcing, and all related administration
• Pre-opening budgets, opening budgets and P&L build
• Inventory systems, administration and office set up.
• IT/POS set up, launch and implementation
• Orientations and Training to Client standards and expectations. All staff meetings, small groups, and food and beverage classrooms.
• Employee Handbooks, Company Policy Writing, Training Materials Creation
• Food and Beverage Menu Consultation and Product Mix Analysis post opening

Existing Operational Improvement or Turnaround

If you need help at taking a broader view of your existing operation from topline to net income we have a team with the right skillset to improve your existing results

• Financial Analysis and P&L review and recommends maximizing existing operation
Staff and Manager Retraining to company standard.
• Labor and Food Cost improvement
• Food and Beverage Pmix Analysis
• Employee Handbook, Company Policies, or Training Materials Refresh
• Manager assessment to benchmark culture and fit for future hiring and retention